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Is my online payment secure?

Yes, an online security is monitored seriously and make sure that your online payment details are fully protected. Payment is processed by secure Payment Gateway and we don't store your credit card information.

For how long should I expect to wait for the chauffeur at airport?

As part of our simple collection and delivery process, your chauffeur will be waiting for you at the designated meeting points (subject to events beyond our control). On your day of departure, you must call the representative about 20 minutes before you are due to arrive at the Airport. On your return, call on the contact number when you have collected all of your luggage from Baggage Reclaim.

How do I amend my booking?

You can make changes to your flight info, vehicle or personal details using My Booking. Please ensure you have your email address, and booking reference to hand.

For date/time changes, please contact customer services by calling on 01293 344 678 or email info@bestmeetandgreetgatwick.co.uk.

What is the approximate distance of your car parking area?

Your vehicle is driven to/from airport to Service Provider's car park which is about 5 miles from Gatwick airport. Service provider may move vehicles to their different compounds for their operational and security purposes especially during busy period.

How can I find the reference number for my booking?

Your booking reference is mentioned in the confirmation email sent to you after the completion of booking procedure. If you lose your booking confirmation email, please phone on 01293 344 678 quoting your name and travel dates.

Whom should I contact for the complaints?

The Customer Service Relations Staff will be happy to talk to you about any complaints that you may have about the service. Please write, quoting your Booking Reference Number, to this email address info@bestmeetandgreetgatwick.co.uk 

I have not received my confirmation email

If you have not received email, you can always view, amend, print and resend your booking confirmation via My Booking. All our emails are automatically generated and sent instantly at time of booking, the reason your email may have not come through is that your mail server may have directed our emails to spam/junk folder. You will also receive a payment confirmation email from payment gateway. Please check your spam or junk mail folders before contacting us and requesting us to resend the email to a different email address.