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Make use of an easy and smooth online booking facility. For bookings through phone, you can make a call on 01293 344 678. While making the reservation the company will verify the following details:

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On the completion of booking, an automated confirmation email will be sent to you with all the booking information including the details of arrival and departure.


On the day of your travel, while you are about 20 minutes from Gatwick Airport, inform the representative about your arrival and contact at 07426 331 600. Upon arrival at your designated airport terminal point, you will be greeted by the chauffeur who will be there to pick up your vehicle. A speedy inquiry of your car will be done by uniformed representative to witness the nicks and dings on vehicle. After the collection of your car keys, you can easily head to the departure lounge.


Upon return, after clearing all the customs, give a call on 07426 331 600 and inform the customer service staff about your return. On your arrival at the meeting point, the driver will be waiting for you with your vehicle. You will be asked to enquire the condition of your vehicle. Once you are satisfied with the state of your vehicle, the chauffeur will return the car by handing over the keys to you.

Important Note: Payments of exit fee is mandatory. The rules are as follow

  • £3.50: On 0 to 30 minutes
  • Standard Airport Tariff: After 30 minutes


North Terminal

When entering into the terminal, use the left lane and head to Short Stay Car Park. Use your ticket at the barrier and off to Car Park 5 (first multi-storey parking compound on the right). Continue to level 2 and park into any of the free parking slot. The attendant will be there to receive you. (If you operate SAT NAV device, Postcode for North Terminal is: RH6 0PJ)

South Terminal

Drive your car towards South Terminal, stay in the right lane and move by following the signs available for Short Stay Car Park. Take your ticket from the barrier and go straight to 4th storey of Orange Car Park 3 or park your car in free parking bay. The proficient representative will be there to receive you here. (If you are user of SAT NAV device, Postcode for North Terminal is: RH6 0PJ)